UIPI Dichiarazione di Atene “Athens property day” Declaration – 29 Gennaio 2016

A s s o e d i l i z i a
Property Owners’ Association Italy Milan



“L’eccessiva tassazione che colpisce la Proprietà immobiliare è una patente violazione di un diritto umano riconosciuto sul piano internazionale”.

Achille Colombo Clerici presidente Assoedilizia dichiara: “Sul piano economico, è stato il primo passo che ha messo sotto scacco l’economia italiana.”

Athens, 29/30.1.2016


Excessive Taxation upon Immovable Property is a strong violation of an internationally recognized Human Right!
Many European countries with large sovereign debts have discussed and some have imposed excessively high tax liabilities on the ownership of real estate property.
During its General Meeting and the annual International Property Day celebration on 29/30 January, in Athens, Greece, the delegates of the Property Owners organizations – members of the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) representing the views and interests of the property and home owners across 28 European countries, presided by their Chairman, Mr. Stratos Paradias (Greece), adopted unanimously the following


Politically: It is the duty of every citizen to contribute fairly to their national treasuries in accordance with the reasonable distribution of tax liabilities.

Fiscally: Regrettably, real estate property has always been considered by governments and tax authorities as an easy and safe fiscal target; a “sitting duck”. Today every Government must realise this is unsustainable. In a time of economic crisis, the ownership of real estate property does not produce any surplus value. Indeed in many countries, the income generated from property ownership has been dramatically diminished if not completely extinguished.
Socially: Property owners must not be victimised by excessive taxation on their real estate assets. Taxation should be related to the income generated from the ownership of property, and not to the mere ownership of an asset.
Financially: Excessive and unreasonable taxation on property investors, building owners and real estate development inevitably leads to a decline in the building of new property and a reduction in economic activity relating to real estate. National imbalances and employment are deteriorated because when private investments are discouraged, this reduces the offer of rented housing and generates need for public investment in social housing. High taxation absorbs the means to invest in refurbishment or renovation that are needed to reach the energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction targets. All this is the surest way of pushing already fragile economies deeper into recession.

Property is a Human Right: Imposing multiple and progressive taxes on the same real estate asset excessively penalises property owners and leads to properties being confiscated. If such taxation makes property ownership untenable, this is a strong violation of the nationally and internationally recognised right to own property that must be respected in every country as a fundamental Human Right.

In Greece: Greek authorities have already imposed extremely high annual taxation (ENFIA) on urban only, private real estate property. Plans are being considered for even higher annual taxation for those who already pay the most and for higher taxation for immovable property family donations, inheritances and transfers, as well as higher tax scales for what is left of their rental income. Furthermore, under the planned social security system landlords will receive lower pensions owing to general income criteria, while having to pay higher social contributions.  The UIPI states unequivocally that this proposed legislation is a clear violation of Human Rights.  It will destroy private property and the real estate market, in so doing severely damaging the economy and ruining lives…

Foto: Il presidente di Assoedilizia Achille Colombo Clerici

foto presidente 92

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